17th & 18th September 2022




Entry Price
Saturday: £10 per car
Sunday: £15 per car

Free entry for all members with current BE membership card. British Eventing members MUST show their pass

Opening Times

Saturday & Sunday
Gates open 8:30am - 6:30pm

Postcode HG5 0SE

There is plenty of car parking available. Please park where our Car Parking Team direct you to.



There are catering facilities both in the main area of trade stands selling quality burgers, sandwiches, ice creams, coffee and afternoon tea, as well as a burger van by the water jump.

C & D Cuisine has a bar in the Score Marquee, where you can also sit down to a comfortable cup of tea and keep an eye on the Scorescreens.

Spectator's Picnic Area

We have set aside a secluded spot in an area called Jupiter's Coppice, close to the bottom lake and water fence. You are welcome to bring your own rugs, food, chairs etc. No horses go through this areas but you will have a great view of the competitors as they jump the fences around the perimeter of the area.


We adhere strictly to British Eventing safety rules, insurance and guidance. Inevitably any situation where horses (whether competing or otherwise) vehicles and pedestrians mix there is potential danger. We rope certain areas of the courses, and ask that public use the designated crossing points. Otherwise our volunteers will warn of horses approaching using a whistle. Please respect all safety advice, and use viewing points where they are available.


Allerton Park is a fabulous venue for a good country walk. We have designated safe tracks in some areas, and an area for picnics by the lower lake. Parents are asked to ensure children are under sensible supervision at all times. 

Please make sure you read the Safety Information


We hope you will enjoy the great outdoors.

See if you can find our ‘green man of the woods’


We welcome dogs and it's a nice opportunity to have a day out with them, but the must be on leads all the time.


Sorry to be so draconian but dogs can be a danger to the competitors’ horses, and Allerton is a shooting estate and there will be young birds about.

This applies on all days and includes competitors walking the XC course.

ATV and Insurance

There will be an allocated disabled car park close to the hub of the event.

A designated toilet for disabled visitors will be available near the Show Jumping Arena, and its position is marked on the site map.

There are viewing areas and car parking at Dressage, and a viewing area at Show jumping with access for mobility vehicles. Access to a good viewing point for Cross Country can be arranged with prior notice.


Please contact us at info@allertonparkhorsetrials.co.uk to make arrangements, or failing this go to the Secretary’s Tent at the event on arrival.




Allerton Park Horse Trials are run on a one day event format whereby each competitor completes all 3 phases in one day of competition, so you will be able to see riders doing Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country throughout the day.


Plenty of choice from coffee ,burgers and ice creams to sandwiches and cream teas.

C & D Cuisine has a bar in the Score Marquee, where you can also sit down to a comfortable cup of tea and keep an eye on the Scorescreens.


Take a look at the Tradestands around and about the Show Jumping arena.



Eventing is an all-round test of horsemanship. It is one of the few sports that genuinely allow people to compete equally, whatever their experience. Men and women, amateurs and champions, young and experienced horses all compete fairly against each other, making it truly exciting for riders and spectators.

It is comprised of three phases, like a triathelon. The first of these is Dressagewhich is performed in an arena and is comprised of a sequence of compulsory movements judged with reference to balance, rythm, supplenessand most importantly, obedience of the horse and its harmony with the rider. The Show Jumping phase tests th athleticism, control and accuracy of the horse ridden over a series of fences, some in combination. The aim being not to knock poles down, or for the horse to refuse to jump a fence, and the course needs to be completed within a limited time. These two phases prepare the horse and rider for the challenging Cross-country phase where a series of obstacles are jumped on a long track through the countryside. Penaltes are given for falls and refusals, and time penalties are given if your time is significantly different from the optimum time.